Re: [Ekiga-list] Selecting network interface that Ekiga uses

Le vendredi 23 janvier 2009 à 10:40 +0000, Nigel Dallard a écrit :
> > Except that the destination replies in your case, so from
> > Ekiga's point of view, it is correct. If the destination
> > did not reply, then then other address would be registered.
> The destination responds to the SIP, because it somehow knows it came
> via the VPN (I haven't looked at the packets on the wire, so I can only
> guess, but I assume that the IP source address is, but the
> media streams can't get through because the SDP within the SIP says send
> them the my ethernet port.
> My contention is that ekiga should never send more than one INVITE as a
> result of me asking it to place a call. It should either allow me to
> manually configure which network interface/IP address it should send
> that INVITE on/include in the SIP/SDP, or it should automatically,
> dynamically work that out itself from the routing table.
> Ekiga is the only softphone that does this double-calling. I'm only
> trying to use it because
> (1) it's open source
> (2) it supports H.264
> I'll clearly have to continue using alternative (commercial) solutions,
> which is a great pity.

Enjoy :-)
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