Re: [Ekiga-list] Selecting network interface that Ekiga uses

> Except that the destination replies in your case, so from
> Ekiga's point of view, it is correct. If the destination
> did not reply, then then other address would be registered.

The destination responds to the SIP, because it somehow knows it came
via the VPN (I haven't looked at the packets on the wire, so I can only
guess, but I assume that the IP source address is, but the
media streams can't get through because the SDP within the SIP says send
them the my ethernet port.

My contention is that ekiga should never send more than one INVITE as a
result of me asking it to place a call. It should either allow me to
manually configure which network interface/IP address it should send
that INVITE on/include in the SIP/SDP, or it should automatically,
dynamically work that out itself from the routing table.

Ekiga is the only softphone that does this double-calling. I'm only
trying to use it because
(1) it's open source
(2) it supports H.264

I'll clearly have to continue using alternative (commercial) solutions,
which is a great pity.



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