Re: [Ekiga-list] Selecting network interface that Ekiga uses

> I'm 100% sure that there are two PDUs going out : one with the
> VPN address and one with the other address. Only one of them
> being successful.


A close look at the video server logs shows that you are correct.

Two INVITEs go out via the VPN to the video server, one originating from
my PCs' VPN IP address, one from my PC's ethernet address.

The video server is running a conferencing application, to which both
calls are connected. Normally, with only one call connected, I get a
"hold" video from the server, but because there are two calls connected,
I get no video, as it isn't receiving any video from the other party (my
own ethernet port!). That was what was confusing me.

Is there no way to stop the second call being made? Surely it would make
more sense that either I manually specified which interface/IP address
that ekiga is to use, or ekiga dynamically determines which one to use
from the routing table - if it knows it hasn't got a route to the called
party from the ethernet port, why send a packet (via the VPN port)
originating from the ethernet port's IP address?



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