[Ekiga-list] H264: PP: Error when trying to create DL named pipe

I noticed that the following sometimes happens right
after the start of EKiga:

        dyna.cxx(111)   H264    DYNA    Successfully loaded \'libavcodec.so.51\'
        dyna.cxx(331)   H264    DYNA    Successfully loaded libavcodec library and verified functions
h264pipe_unix.cxx(192)  H264    IPC     PP: Error when trying to create DL named pipe
   h264-x264.cxx(838)   H264    Codec   Disabled

After that H264 is disabled and does not appear among
the audio codecs in preferences, it reappears again 
after Ekiga restart however \"unticked\" and as the last
codec. If I tick it and move higher, I can do H264
videos without problem and it usually works fine
for several Ekiga restarts until suddenly the error 
appears again. I do not see any pattern unfortunately
for when the error occurs and when not.

Does anybody have any idea what could be the problem
or what could be done?


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