[Ekiga-list] Suse 11.1 Compile problems

This thread is an attempt to document compile problems on SUSE 11.1

As mentioned in previous emails one of my main problems has been that the compile goes looking for libs in /opt/gnome/lib when all libs seem to be put into /usr/lib now.

I managed to get a compile done using this.

$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-debug --disable-eds --disable-gdu --disable-libtool-lock --disable-gnome

However, I cannot make or recieve calls now. I will update this later when I get the problem resolved.

The purpose of this email is to highlight the resmgr problem.
After I got the libs problem sorted the compile then failed with a 'cannot load resmgr' message.
This is correct there is no resmgr on 11.1.

So I did a contents search of the 3.0.1 src and found the following have the word resmgr in them.


I am not aware at this stage if any/all of the above actually do a call to load resmgr, they just have the word in there.

To be clear, with the normal ./configure I get the resmgr problem, with the above configure I don't.

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