Re: [Ekiga-list] Suse 11.1 Compile problems

Le dimanche 11 janvier 2009 à 00:20 +1000, Brian a écrit :
> All,
> This thread is an attempt to document compile problems on SUSE 11.1
> As mentioned in previous emails one of my main problems has been that the  
> compile goes looking for libs in /opt/gnome/lib when all libs seem to be  
> put into /usr/lib now.
> I managed to get a compile done using this.
> $ ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-debug --disable-eds --disable-gdu  
> --disable-libtool-lock --disable-gnome
> However, I cannot make or recieve calls now. I will update this later when  
> I get the problem resolved.
> The purpose of this email is to highlight the resmgr problem.
> After I got the libs problem sorted the compile then failed with a 'cannot  
> load resmgr' message.
> This is correct there is no resmgr on 11.1.
> So I did a contents search of the 3.0.1 src  and found the following  have  
> the word resmgr in them.
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/engine/
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/engine/.libs/
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/.libs/
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/engine/addressbook/evolution/
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/engine/addressbook/evolution/.libs/
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/engine/gui/gtk-core/
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/engine/gui/gtk-core/.libs/
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/engine/gui/gtk-frontend/
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/engine/gui/gtk-frontend/.libs/
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/toolbox/
> /ekiga-3.0.1/lib/toolbox/.libs/
> I am not aware at this stage if any/all of the above actually do a call to  
> load resmgr, they just have the word in there.
> To be clear, with the normal ./configure I get the resmgr problem, with  
> the above configure I don't.

I suppose it is due to --disable-gnome as it appears in gnome things.
Not sure how and why though.
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