[Ekiga-list] Hello Ekiga list. BerkeleyTIP & you

Hi Ekiga list readers :)

I thought you might like to be aware that:

Ekiga & the Ekiga VOIP conferencing system are being used for
communication for a global GNU(Linux), BSD & All Free SW & HW monthly
meeting, called BerkeleyTIP.

Below is some more info.

I'll also send 2 following emails:

1) BerkeleyTIP - Hello, Introduction, Monthly Global GNU(Linux) BSD
FreeSWHW meeting

2) BerkeleyTIP TODAY Jan 3 Sat- Party Time :) Video Talks: Asterisk, GPU

Here's an alert to several things you might be interested in:

1) There is a global monthly GNU(Linux) BSD Free SW & HW meeting, called
2) TIP = Talks, Installfest, Potluck & ProgrammingParty.
3) It's an educational, productive, social, fun event.
4) We communicate by VOIP, using a VOIP conference system (Ekiga's,
iirc), using Ekiga client sw.
5) You might enjoy attending the meeting.  &, you're invited.
6) The VOIP conference server is suboptimal, so I & as many people as I
can rope into it are going to maybe try & learn about voip conference
servers & clients, & improve them to better get BTIPs needs served.  -
Like using Ekiga & Asterisk (for conference server) sw.
7) You might want keep up on the goings on.
8) http://groups.google.com/group/BerkTIP &
are a good place to start.

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