[Ekiga-list] HOWTO: get rid of "Registration failed" when using USRobotics 9108

If you have the USRobotics USR 9108 ADSL/Modem Router and Ekiga (or other SIP clients) fails registering to the SIP service with an error like "registration failed" and "timeout" maybe is due to the buggy SIP Proxy boundled within the router.

To disable the proxy:
1) Open a telnet session with the router (check how to do that on your system) 2) Login as the 'admin' user (the password is the same that you use when access the router with the browser)
3) In the router shell launch the command ('>' is the prompt)
> siproxd disable
4) Close the telnet session
5) Your preferred SIP client (i.e. ekiga) should work fine now

Not tested: If after a reboot the router automatically re-enable the SIP Proxy.

Best regards,
Filippo Pagin

P.S.: The SIP Proxy within the router is siproxd-0.5.10-3259 i686-redhat-linux-gnu

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