Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga 3.02 for Windows: Logitech QuickCam Pro9000 and choosing Default-SIP ?

Le lundi 16 février 2009 à 09:21 +0100, Hans Bauer a écrit :
> Hello and thank you a lot for the great program and windows port.
> During installation of Ekiga 3.02 for Windows (the release version) my
> Logitech QuickCam Pro9000 webcam was no more recognized as it was with
> Ekiga 2.0.11 beta for windows. My System is WinXP Prof. SP 3. The
> webcam works fine with Skype and the drivers of the webcam are
> updated. Skype was not open during the installation of Ekiga 3.02.
> Looking into the configuration immediately after the installation of
> Ekiga, i could choose from
> - Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32) (PTLi..
> - Moving Logo (Moving Logo(Movin Logo)
> and the Logitech webcam was greyed out. Meanwhile the Logitech is
> deleted from the list and searching for a webcam device does not bring
> it back. Is there any possiblity to use my webcam with Ekiga 3.02 for
> Windows? 

I can't answer to this question, but perhaps someone else will.

> Working with Ekiga 2.0.11 beta for Windows it was possible to choose a
> default sip account, which was shown bolt in the list. I'm registering
> 3 sip-accounts the same time. With Ekiga 3.02 for Windows, i no more
> find a Default-Button for this purpose. Also i was not able to find
> any other possibility to set a default account. Any idea?

It has been removed, but there is now autocompletion, meaning that if
you enter sip:123456@, it will propose you a drop down with the list of
possible accounts to choose from.
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