[Ekiga-list] Video freezes after a second

Hi all,

I have found a message in my logfile, that I do not understand:

// some foreplay

RateController Report:Total frames:in=816,out=406,dropped=410(50%)

Media Patch:0x3ee5f710 RateController Report:in=19 fps,out=9 fps,target=30 fps

Media Patch:0x3ee5f710 RateController Report:current=58550 bps,target=200000 bps

Media Patch:0x2bed7710 RTP Session 1, transmit statistics: packets=2101 octets=109252 avgTime=20 maxTime=34 minTime=6

// this one:

Media Patch:0x3ee5f710 Patch Media conversion (primary) failed

Media Patch:0x3ee5f710 Patch WriteFrame failed

This error is occuring to the same time, when my video transmission freezes, Is this a failure on my side? What can I do to fix it? Any ideas?

Best regards


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