[Ekiga-list] Video freezes after a second

Hi all,

after months of trouble free usage Ekiga is not able to send my video anymore.

Me and the conference partner are using both ekiga 3.2.6. Both sides have 
video transmission enabled, have made a successful echo test for minutes, but 
when we try to make a conference, my video freezes, sound and the other video 
is ariving fine.

I think this seems to be a router/connection problem. I tried to analyse the 
debug output, but it is pretty hard to understand. I found no real hint, only, 
one, that connection was closed, because all packages are lost.
But this can be caused by many reason...

But, nobody has changed anything...

I am aware of the fact, that you have no real chance to help me. But, isn't it 
possible to include a tool into ekiga, to tell the user what's not working and 
where the problem is?
Once there was a connection log, that told you a bit more, but the debug 
output should not be necessary for the normal user anymore. I wonder what a 
non-IT guy thinks, when he is asket to run ekiga -d 4 2>ekiga.log...
When  he looks into the output he will have at least a small overflow...

Best regards

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