Re: [Ekiga-list] registration failure

Andreas Freiherr wrote:
> Hello Yannick / others,
> It would seem sometimes it works, but often it does not. Yesterday, I got disconnected in the middle of a call and was not able to register even after restarting Ekiga.
> Note: settings must have been OK; I had an active connection, and I did not change anything after loosing it.
> Today, it worked again -- without changing any settings. Once. Then, I got disconnected, and right now, I am still unable to register to (timeout). 

Just a thought: Could it be that your external IP address has changed?
It is not said explicitly, by it appears that you have a dynamic IP
address. It might be that the DHCP lease expired during the call and
that you got another IP from your ISP's DHCP server. I don't know the
STUN mechanism well enough to be able to say that it should be able to
follow such a change in IP address.


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