Re: [Ekiga-list] registration failure

Andreas Freiherr wrote:
Hello Yannick / others,

It would seem sometimes it works, but often it does not. Yesterday, I
got disconnected in the middle of a call and was not able to register
even after restarting Ekiga.

Note: settings must have been OK; I had an active connection, and I
did not change anything after loosing it.

Today, it worked again -- without changing any settings. Once. Then,
I got disconnected, and right now, I am still unable to register to (timeout). It would be nice if the status (being registered
/ not being registered) would somehow be visible in the GUI, after
the status message "could not register sip:..." is gone. Just always
"Standby" does not let me know whether I can place a call or not.

I upgraded to 3.2.5 because this happened to me with an older
version, and because of the often misleading error messages in Ekiga,
I thought it might be a version problem. After upgrading to Fedora 11
(fighting lots of problems with the Intel graphics driver...) and
Ekiga 3.2.5, the same problem persisted.

Right now, with the "disable network detection" option unchecked, I
always get a popup saying "Ekiga did not manage to configure your
network settings automatically. You can still use it, but you need to
configure your network settings manually. Please see for
instructions" -- which I followed weeks ago, but that popup keeps
bugging me.

This is just to confirm that I have had all these problems when "upgrading"
to 3.2.5 as well. I haven't had time to investigate properly as yet, and had
no reply to my initial report, although I know people were on holiday at the time.

By the way, the error message about "Port forwarding" should surely also mention "Port triggering" as well which is superior if it works - which it should.


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