[Ekiga-list] Ridding oneself of pulseaudio

Hi. I've been seeing some traffic (and generating some) about this Ubuntu/Pulseaudio bug. I can now use Ekiga, and I'll tell you how.

1) I apt-get remove'd pulseaudio. It was sad, because I like the ability to turn flash's sound down and rhythmbox's up. But I'll have to wait a release or two. Or hammer pulseaudio into Ekiga one day.

Anyway, this next step I've never seen anyone propose before.

2) Removing pulseaudio left my sound working, but when I tested sound capture, it gave me that "unable to construct pipeline" error. I did this:
	asoundconf unset-pulseaudio

and that made the difference.  Now I can use Ekiga no problem.



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