Re: [Ekiga-list] Ridding oneself of pulseaudio

I think the solution of removing pulse audio is a bit extreme, but I accept that it is effective.

I have seen comments about ubuntu sound in 8.04 is not well setup for pulse audio. In my experience, this is true. Further, with multiple sound cards it is even harder.
I was reading at
that one has to write an /etc/asound.conf file which specified that pulse audio is used everywhere.

Apparently, you have to make all users members of the various pulse related groups (pulse/pulse-rt/pulse....)

Perhaps the real solution is to add a pulseaudio plugin to ekiga.
Ideally, plugins for ptlib are written in whatever language you like.
It was the original hope of plugins that they do not depend on ptlib. Thus, when you upgrade ptlib the plugins don't need changing.

Now, anyone willing to write a pulseaudio plugin?
Required knowledge: C
Does not require C++/ptlib knowledge.

On Thu, 3 Jul 2008, Ryan Hughes wrote:

Hi. I've been seeing some traffic (and generating some) about this Ubuntu/Pulseaudio bug. I can now use Ekiga, and I'll tell you how.

1) I apt-get remove'd pulseaudio. It was sad, because I like the ability to turn flash's sound down and rhythmbox's up. But I'll have to wait a release or two. Or hammer pulseaudio into Ekiga one day.

Anyway, this next step I've never seen anyone propose before.

2) Removing pulseaudio left my sound working, but when I tested sound capture, it gave me that "unable to construct pipeline" error. I did this:
	asoundconf unset-pulseaudio

and that made the difference.  Now I can use Ekiga no problem.



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