[Ekiga-list] No sound from Ekiga

I have been using gnomemeeting quite well for a long time.  My system is
a dual Opteron 244 running SuSE 10.1 (64-bit).  I have been upgrading
some of my computers, first to SuSE 10.2 and then 10.3.  I have never
been able to get ekiga to work, at least for sound, on these computers.
 One of them is identical in hardware with my main (10.1) system.  (The
others have a variety of hardware, including one in 32-bit mode.)  I
have done a close comparison of the ekiga configuration files and the
sound controls (KMix in KDE) for the two systems that have identical
hardware, and they are as close as possible.  The audio device is a
AMD8111 on the motherboard (which works with gnomemeeting).

I am able to connect to a site (h323) with which I need to communicate.
The MCU is recognized.  The audio tab in ekiga shows communication 'OUT'
as PCMU/H261, but nothing is listed for 'IN'.  When I connect, the
microphone slider is somewhere in the middle, but the speaker slider is
at zero.  If I move the speaker slider, both sliders go to zero and can
not be changed.

I have tried everything I know about or can think of, and nothing has
been successful.  I would have expected that ekiga would have worked
about as well as gnomemeeting, and that upgrading the system should not
have compromised things as much as this.  Maybe it is a simple
configuration issue somewhere, but I am out of ideas.  I need to update
my 10.1 computer, but can not do so until I solve the ekiga problem so
that I can communicate as well as before.

If anyone has some ideas or suggestions, please let me know.  Thank you.


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