[Ekiga-list] windows dll entry point error


I receive 'The procedure entry point g_ascii_strtoll could not be located in teh dynamic link library libglib-2.0-0.dll" when I laungh Ekiga (Version download as of Jan 4, 2008).

I'm sure this is due to my having a number of gnome/glib/gtk apps installed (WinXP Pro SP2). I'm not sure you can do a thing about this (now), but you might consider coexistence issues for future releases. I have written gnome apps (gtk+, gnome, libgnomeprintui etc) and understand what a moving target they have created. :( (Seems like political infighting resulting in massive deprecation and added functionality)

I am a current skype user and am looking to switch to something. I'm not sure what it is that I am currently running that needs libglib-2.0 (instead of 2.12), but whatever it is, it will probably fail with 2.12. So I'll wait to see what happens with Ekiga.

  I wish you had a forum. :)


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