Re: [Ekiga-list] Windows/Linux: won't send video

Le mercredi 02 janvier 2008 à 22:45 +0000, Ed McDonagh a écrit :
> Tried removing account, and setting up again, and had trouble with the
> video 'not working with the format'. Uninstalled, rebooted, installed
> again. Video now works locally again, but it remembers all my settings.
> Where are the settings for ekiga? I tried looking for /home/user/.ekiga,
> but there wasn't anything there.

It is stored by gconf. I think rm -rf .apps/ekiga/ && killall -9
gconfd-2 should remove all settings so you can start from scratch.

> Currently, I can initiate the call from either computer, and it doesn't
> terminate at one end. However, it still only shows local video.

As I said, you are in communication with yourself (not sure how it can
happen). Everything you send is mirrored back to you. I have never seen
something so weird happen.
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