Re: [Ekiga-list] Windows/Linux: won't send video


Le mercredi 02 janvier 2008 à 00:05 +0000, Ed McDonagh a écrit :
> Hi
> I have tried searching the archives to see if my questions have been
> answered, but it didn't look like it. Apologies if you have had this
> scenario a thousand times before! (Please do refer me to previous
> solutions if they exist.) And happy new year.
> I am trying to use ekiga to video calls from Linux to Windows. Sound
> would be useful too, but video is the main use as one party is deaf.
> Both installs seem to set up fine, and both happily show the local video
> using the built in webcams (both are laptops). The problem is that when
> in a call from Linux to Windows, you can still only see the local video,
> not the remote.
> Versions:
> Linux - Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, Ekiga install from the repositories,
> version 2.0.11
> Video is using V4L2 plugin.
> Laptop is an Asus A8SC with the onboard VGA UVC WebCam
> Windows - Windows XP, Ekiga from the website, version 2.0.11
> Video is using VideoForWindows plugin (same behaviour for DirectShow).
> Laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ2XP/C with the onboard webcam.
> Problem details:
> If the call is initiated from linux, windows offers to accept the call,
> and the connection seems to work. However, you only see the local video.
> In the Windows Ekiga General History it says (among other things,
> including stuff about opening speex)
> Opened codec H261 for transmission
> Opened codec H261 for reception
> Then about 30 seconds later it says
> Closed codec H261 which was opened for transmission
> Closed codec H261 which was opened for reception
> (and the same for SPEEX).
> Remote user is unreachable
> As far as the linux general history is concerned, the call is still open
> no problem!
> If the call is initiated from Windows, the general history log in
> windows says that the Remote user rejected the call. In reality, linux
> never comes up with an accept/reject option :-(
> I don't know if there are several different problems here, or if it is
> all the same cause.
> If anyone can help, or give some ideas of what to try, I would really
> appreciate it. We use video to communicate with my mother in law, so if
> I can get this working that would be great.
> Both systems can use Skype for video calls, but I can't get the picture
> quality I want, and would rather avoid skype and proprietary solutions
> if I can. With sign language, the frame rate is more important than the
> absolute image quality most of the time, so I was quite excited to see
> that you could set a preference for this with ekiga. 

You should upload debug 4 outputs for both sides so that we can
determine what happens.

Before doing that, please ensure that both Ekiga installations can
successfully run the echo test on
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