[Ekiga-list] Windows/Linux: won't send video


I have tried searching the archives to see if my questions have been
answered, but it didn't look like it. Apologies if you have had this
scenario a thousand times before! (Please do refer me to previous
solutions if they exist.) And happy new year.

I am trying to use ekiga to video calls from Linux to Windows. Sound
would be useful too, but video is the main use as one party is deaf.

Both installs seem to set up fine, and both happily show the local video
using the built in webcams (both are laptops). The problem is that when
in a call from Linux to Windows, you can still only see the local video,
not the remote.

Linux - Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, Ekiga install from the repositories,
version 2.0.11
Video is using V4L2 plugin.
Laptop is an Asus A8SC with the onboard VGA UVC WebCam

Windows - Windows XP, Ekiga from the website, version 2.0.11
Video is using VideoForWindows plugin (same behaviour for DirectShow).
Laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ2XP/C with the onboard webcam.

Problem details:
If the call is initiated from linux, windows offers to accept the call,
and the connection seems to work. However, you only see the local video.
In the Windows Ekiga General History it says (among other things,
including stuff about opening speex)
Opened codec H261 for transmission
Opened codec H261 for reception
Then about 30 seconds later it says
Closed codec H261 which was opened for transmission
Closed codec H261 which was opened for reception
(and the same for SPEEX).
Remote user is unreachable

As far as the linux general history is concerned, the call is still open
no problem!

If the call is initiated from Windows, the general history log in
windows says that the Remote user rejected the call. In reality, linux
never comes up with an accept/reject option :-(

I don't know if there are several different problems here, or if it is
all the same cause.

If anyone can help, or give some ideas of what to try, I would really
appreciate it. We use video to communicate with my mother in law, so if
I can get this working that would be great.

Both systems can use Skype for video calls, but I can't get the picture
quality I want, and would rather avoid skype and proprietary solutions
if I can. With sign language, the frame rate is more important than the
absolute image quality most of the time, so I was quite excited to see
that you could set a preference for this with ekiga. 

Kind regards,

Ed McDonagh

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