Re: [Ekiga-list] Windows/Linux: won't send video

Am Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2008 01:05:31 schrieb Ed McDonagh:
> [...]
> Problem details:
> If the call is initiated from linux, windows offers to accept the call,
> and the connection seems to work. However, you only see the local video.
> In the Windows Ekiga General History it says (among other things,
> including stuff about opening speex)
> Opened codec H261 for transmission
> Opened codec H261 for reception
> Then about 30 seconds later it says
> Closed codec H261 which was opened for transmission
> Closed codec H261 which was opened for reception
> (and the same for SPEEX).
> Remote user is unreachable
> As far as the linux general history is concerned, the call is still open
> no problem!
> If the call is initiated from Windows, the general history log in
> windows says that the Remote user rejected the call. In reality, linux
> never comes up with an accept/reject option :-(

This sounds like a firewall issue. How are these two computers connected? Do 
you have any iptables rules blocking access (run: sudo iptables -L).

Also you may have the wrong iterface selected listening for incoming data, 
Preferences->Protocols->Network Settings

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