Re: [Ekiga-list] echo test does not work, but...

Hi Maurizio,

Le lundi 05 mars 2007 �2:58 +0100, Maurizio Avogadro a �it :
> Hi Damien
> I've made some tests with my laptop: I'm very disconcerted.
> With a 56k dialup connection I was able to hear back the echo of my
> voice calling any echo test service; connecting behind another NAT I was
> able to hear back my voice with 500 ekiga net but neither
> echo proxy01 sipphone com nor 333 voip wengo fr worked.
> It seems that SIP works reliably only in presence of a direct web
> connection; any other configuration brings unpredictable results. Is
> this the expected behaviour?

Not really, except if your NAT router is doing some silly things with
the SIP PDUs.

Can you post a -d 4 output somewhere ?
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