Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Challenges for generation of Ekiga 4.x

On 30/01/13 22:22, Markus Elfring wrote:
>  If your kdevelop uses gcc 4.4.1, then this could easily be explained, since
>  recent gcc have become stricter and stricter about the C syntax.
No - This integrated development environment calls just the compiler version
(g++ 4.7.1) that is provided by the openSUSE distribution here.

I do not know why this error then. To debug this we need configure.log in both cases.

>  If you need ekiga as a user, then use v10.
I can refer also to this version level if I pass appropriate values for
parameters like "PTLIB_CFLAGS" and "OPAL_CFLAGS" to the command "configure". But

I suppose all these problems arrive because you have two versions of ptlib/opal installed, more specifically their development files. Why do not want to remove the development files (devel package?) of v10 if you wish to use v12, or vice-versa? Do you need both devel files simultaneously?


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