[Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga future plans

Dear Ekiga team,

I am working at Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC, www.psnc.pl ), which is a research institute and a centre which operates the Metropolitan Area Network and a national network.

In the national project PLATON (http://www.platon.pionier.net.pl/online/?lang=en ) we are working on  building an ICT infrastructure for science in Poland. Among different services in this platform, video-conference services play an important role. The infrastructure includes two control centres and 22 videoconferencing rooms with HD conferencing equipment. Additionally, to give more options and flexibility for using the infrastructure, it should allow its usage with other applications as well. As I am personally involved in Open Source QualiPSo Competence Centre (qualipso.psnc.pl), we want to suggest one option based on open source software.

For this purpose, we consider using and promoting the Ekiga software, as one of the alternatives. I think you are doing great job on the software!
We have already performed some interoperability tests, and the Linux version works well with the infrastructure (90% of our test cases have passed). However, we had some issues with hardware compatibility and stability on Windows (we faced issues with video output - bug: 626515, un-registering – bug: 622001, or unexpected crashing). Assuming many of the PLATON users may use Windows, this is an important point for us.

Thus, to get more understanding on Ekiga development status we have some questions:

1) What are your plans regarding support for Windows? Is there any person working on this?

2) Do you plan to go in the direction of High Definition video? What should be done  to enable this?

3) Who is currently working on the Ekiga development? Do you collaborate with some university or company that uses and supports your software?

I will be really thankful for your answer and support.

Best regards,
Alicja Ciemniewska
Open Source QualiPSo Competence Centre
Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center
Noskowskiego 10
61-704 Poznań, POLAND

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