Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] windows stable branch

Michael Rickmann wrote:
Why not! Everything is going so fast at the moment. So I tried to catch
up. You can find a Win32 build from git branch gnome-2-26 this afternoon
at they are the *3.2.1_1 files.
I needed two patches for opal corresponding to the two open wishes above
and two for Ekiga (all contained in ekiga_build-3.2.1_1.tgz ).
ekiga_exit.diff lets Ekiga shutdown semi-gracefully. ekiga_ldflags.diff
seems to be needed by my cross compiler (Debian based install), to get
the entry point right. Michael Cronenworth on Fedora got that right with
the -mwindows flag from the Win32 Makefile.

I've built 3.2.1 and the NAT and CoE issues are gone. Yay. Yet, I still don't see VfW devices.

Your 3.2.1 release works with VfW though. How is this possible?

-Your installer uses GTK-Runtime instead of embedding the GTK DLLs. This would conflict with Pidgin users. You should have it detect if it is already installed.
-The option to start Ekiga at the end of the installer does not work. I have to start Ekiga manually. I've installed it on two Windows XP machines without it starting automatically.

Fix those two issues and lets put your package up on the wiki.

P.S. You did use git correctly.

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