Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] News on debian snapshots

>>> Not at the moment. The current configure line looks like
>>> --disable-static --enable-plugins --disable-oss --enable-v4l2
>>> --disable-avc --disable-v4l but as I'm pretty sure DC cameras are also
>>> supported by v4l I may well disable it at some point in the future as
>>> with libv4l support most linux cameras are supported through v4l2 in
>>> ekiga.
>> So if I understand correctly, avc and dc PTLIB plugins are in most cases
>> superseded by v4l2 PTLIB plugin with libv4l?  In this case I should remove
>> these 2 plugins!
> Uh... I don't think either AVC or DC are V4L2 comptatible.

Ah, my bad. Are they supported through the gstreamer plugins?


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