Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] News on debian snapshots

Peter Robinson wrote:
* The AVC plugin is not compiled anymore (the package is still there,
but will be removed soon).  Please tell if you really need it.  It seems
to me that ptlib needs libraw1394-dev v1, but v1 is not available
anymore on debian unstable and very soon in testing either.  Here is the
error I receive with v2 installed:
Just as an FYI Fedora has had AVC disabled for quite a while (since
well before ekiga 3) and had no bug reports or complaints.
Have they had disabled DC too?  I need it disable it too...

Not at the moment. The current configure line looks like
--disable-static --enable-plugins --disable-oss --enable-v4l2
--disable-avc --disable-v4l but as I'm pretty sure DC cameras are also
supported by v4l I may well disable it at some point in the future as
with libv4l support most linux cameras are supported through v4l2 in

So if I understand correctly, avc and dc PTLIB plugins are in most cases superseded by v4l2 PTLIB plugin with libv4l? In this case I should remove these 2 plugins!


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