Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] New debian snapshots


thomas schorpp wrote:
Luca Capello schrieb:

No flame, please, I'm looking for information.

On the contrary, I am glad that people are using it and make remarks!

On Tue, 09 Sep 2008 10:38:37 +0200, Eugen Dedu wrote:
New debian snapshots are available.  The name of packages has been
changed.  Install the newest ekiga and dependencies with:
apt-get install ekiga

What's the rationale for this change?  This doesn't allow anymore
installing *both* ekiga stable and -snapshot.

1. As you found out, it's because I spent much time to modify ptlib/opal/ekiga for inclusion in debian. Now, I am too tired to rename all the packages to -snapshot and maintain two package naming (well, I need to create a program to do tat automatically).

2. But, as you probably know, ekiga will release 3.0 very soon (1-2 weeks), so I don't think it's a real issue, ekiga is sufficiently stable to be used regularly.

3. This situation is the same as pushing in debian/experimental the new ptlib/opal/ekiga (same naming), which is what happens sometimes (for ex. iceweasel in beta status).

4. Anyway, I think it was by the way not possible to have both ekiga and ekiga-snapshot on a system. For ex., both contained /usr/bin/ekiga and user configuration was the same (hence conflicts).

more worse, won't allow upgrade at all due to unfixed(?) gconf issue(s) not handled by the package's installer.

The only think I am aware of is the audio codecs, there might be problems on upgrading. You can simply check them on.

According to [1], I understand this as your first step into
co-maintainership of ekiga and its rdepends, with the result of new
ekiga packages in Debian experimental.

Indeed, thanks for looking at. Note that ptlib has already been pushed in debian new queue! See

However, will snapshots.e.n stop providing snapshot packages after the
new ekiga will enter Debian?  I don't think this is the desired
solution, which means that the package should be (again) renamed to

You're right for the future. As soon as ekiga will release 3.0, I will rename all the packages to -snapshot.


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