Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Build error on Ubuntu Gutsy and new snapshot packages for Hardy and Intrepid

yannick a écrit :
Le jeudi 11 septembre 2008 à 07:13 +0200, yannick a écrit :

Compiling Ekiga on Ubuntu Gutsy (september 2007), i've the following
error. Build on more recent versions of ubuntu seems to compile right.


The error seems to be g_async_queue_new_full was introduced in glib
2.16; in Gutsy we have glib 2.14.1-1ubuntu1

This was probably introduced in the last 2 weeks.

As a result I cannot provide packages for Ubuntu Gutsy (released in
october 2007) anymore.

I updated my Ubuntu packages for the current Hardy and the soon to be
released Intrepid to our current SVN.

I fixed the problem.


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