[Ekiga-devel-list] Trunk: OPAL Fax problem

Hi all!

I assume Ekiga does not support T.38 fax yet, does it?

Last night I have done a complete fresh checkout of PTLib / OPAL / Ekiga and built, pretty much using config options from:


My findings:

1. You cannot build it on Debian Etch anymore as Etch comes with GTK+ 2.08 while 2.10 is required. (Debian Lenny has 2.12 right now.)

2. That annoying automake problem (automake-1.10 not recognized) is gone in Lenny!

3. The x264 lib is not yet available in Debian, while it seems to be in Ubuntu. But with that one missing, you will just get a binary without thazt one and everything else seems fine.

The only problem remaining was that while OPAL compiled just fine, Ekiga could not be linked because there were a coule of undefined references in the OPAL lib (not in Ekiga itself) to code in t38.cxx.

I re-compiled the OPAL lib with --disable-fax which solved the problem.

Might this be a yet undetected bug in OPAL? Should I report it there? I wonder why this didn't come up for anyone else.


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