Re: [PATCH] Fixed some Crashes, a memory leak and some minor issues

Hi Andreas

On 2014-06-20 03:05, Andreas Winkelmann <ml awinkelmann de> wrote:
Ok, I think I got this fixed.

A patch is attached.

Once more the GTKTreeSelection "changed" signal caused some Trouble. It gets
emitted for each row while gtk_list_store_clear() clears the BrowserList. I
have stopped invoking Browser_List_Row_Selected() while this happens.

Thanks for the patch! I tidied it up a bit and pushed it, together with your other patches, to the master and easytag-2-2 branches.

I think that there are only a couple more fixes I would like to get in before a new release, so 2.2.3 should be out in the next few days with your changes.


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