Re: Crash adding cover art

Hi John (and Scott)

On 2014-06-18 10:56, John Maughan <john johnmaughan com> wrote:
I am getting a bug that appears to have been raised before (sorry: not a
programmer and not familiar with this list).
If I try to add cover art to an mp3 without any existing art, Easytag
I get the following message:
(easytag.exe 7224) GLib-GIO-ERROR** No GSetting Schemas are installed on
the system.

Thanks for the bug report. The file chooser in GTK+, which should be shown when you try to add cover art, depends on a GSettings schema being installed and compiled. The Windows installer was not doing this, so I just pushed a fix:

The fix will be included in an upcoming 2.2.3 release, due soon.


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