Introduction Mail

Hello all,

I am very glad to see that you all liked EasyTAG very much. I am another contributor at EasyTAG and currently doing GSoC Project in EasyTAG.
My GSoC Project is adding MusicBrainz support to EasyTAG. With MusicBrainz support, users can get a better and more accurate tags data from MusicBrainz servers. There are many features which will be added:
  • Manual Search: You can search through the MusicBrainz data base easily.
  • Automatic Search: Select the files and MusicBrainz will take care of the data you want you search in MusicBrainz.
  • Search Selected Files: This is a more general to Automatic Search.
  • DiscID Search: Insert a  CD and search it through MusicBrainz Data Base.

And a number of other features.
Users will be very interested in new MusicBrainz search. Currently this project is in wip/musicbrainz-support branch. Everyone is invited to contribute to this project.

Thank You

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