Re: 0-byte recordings

Hi Paul,

thanks for tracking done the problem.

Could you please file a bug [1] and attach both channel files. In
addition, it would be great if you could upload a short recording of a
channel that was configured wrong. Hopefully I can use this to reproduce
the scanning behaviour on my side as well.


Best regards,

Am 30.05.2012 13:44, schrieb Paul Mason:
> Hi Sebastian,
> I've resolved this problem now. It was partly my problem but I think
> there's also a bug in gnome-dvb-setup
> Firstly there was a second gnome-dvb-daemon running when I generated
> that previous log. Sorry about that.
> Also I was able to install 0.29 from an Ubuntu PPA. However this still
> suffered from the problem.
> I eventually discovered that it whilst it failed on most channels some
> were working. Now I had had to generate my own dvb frequency file[1] as
> the one in the dvb-apps package hasn't been updated since the switch-off
> of analogue in my area. I had thought I had gotten it right but there
> were some values that were incorrect. Eventually (by googling the actual
> frequency value!) I found this message
> ( and whilst it's
> almost the same as my home-grown version I used that from then on.
> What I discovered that I could only record channels on one of the muxes.
> This lead me to compare the channels.conf file I'd generate (with
> dvb-apps scan) with the ./config/gnome-dvb-daemon/channels-DVB-T.conf. I
> discovered that when gnome-dvb-setup uses the frequency file to scan for
> channels, it finds them all but it always writes the frequency from the
> first mux to *all* channels. So for example  if I do this:
> cut -d: -f2 ./config/gnome-dvb-daemon/channels-DVB-T.conf | sort -u
> I only get one line, where I should have five (one for each of the muxes
> it found channels on). Since the format is the same I copied the
> channels.conf that I was using for mplayer and vlc, restarted the daemon
> and then it all worked.
> Do you want me to raise a bug for the scanning/conf file problem?
> Thanks for your help
> Paul
> [1]not sure if that's the correct term but for me it's the file
> /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/uk-Crystalpalace which has a list of frequencies
> and other parameters for the transmitter.

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