Re: Upcoming Dia 0.97.3 bug-fix-only

At 08.03.2014 23:44, Dumitru Ursu wrote:
On 03/08/2014 03:04 PM, Hans Breuer wrote:
Some more fixes from master just got cherry-picked to the dia-0-97 branch.
Before I do another bug fix only release from that branch I would like to
get some feedback from you. The list of fixed bugs is relatively short
but e.g. the notorious Pango kerning problem is included.
*651949* <>
No comment means bugfix confirmed, right?

*667500* <> - that windows
only, you should modify the bug report.
The effect of the issue is cross platform AFAICT. But it's only a build problem, not runtime.

*711418* <> - this one is
fine, but XML is not listed in the supported document formats, I had to
pick "All files"
Intentionally. The last ressort file importer is Dia's own format, but we do not want to advertize this ;)

*710818* <> - this one
wasn't fixed on my machine
error code:
     dia: cairo-arc.c:189: _cairo_arc_in_direction: Assertion `angle_max >=
angle_min' failed.
cairo  version -> 1.12.16-1
I've reopened the issue with some more information. On the other computer I even have implemented a fix.

*721851* <> - not fixed.

Shoud have changed the title to " Commandline export not working for pixbuf (with X11 terminal)" because that's the improvement made. From the commit message of

The pixbuf export requires a diaplay. Use gtk_init_check() to allow command line export from an X terminal without sacrificing the command line mode without X11.

Do you say it does not work in that margin for you?

These are the bugs that I could test. The rest are Windows/Mac related, and
I haven't used for several years such machine.

E.g. should be reproduceable on Linux as well. The OS field is initialized by the reporter (or machine setting). Often I'm setting it during analysis to All if the bug is cross platform. But even if the bug is reproduceable only on one platform the fix for it could potentially introcude cross platform bugs;)


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