Re: Upcoming Dia 0.97.3 bug-fix-only

At 10.03.2014 09:11, Octavio Alvarez wrote:
On 03/08/2014 05:04 AM, Hans Breuer wrote:

Just something I noticed: if page scale is set to a small value, like
20, export will be very small, to the point of being pixelized. I
usually set page scale to "Fit 1x1". If there is a lot of information,
page scale values automatically reduce to fit the diagram in the page
and triggers this bug without giving me a chance to choose an export size.

Actually that's a feature. The page scale is used as the only way to scale pixel based export.

So if you are building Dia from source now would be a good time to pull
the branch dia-0-97. Please try to break it ;)

As far as the kerning bug it's concerned, it didn't break other than
what it was described.

Thanks again for your analysis.

If you are not building Dia from source, please hesitate to drop in with
your favorite feature request you want someone else to develop for you.

It would be great to let objects (or at least texts) have configurable
margins around. This will let me attach text objects to other shapes and
automatically give them some space. Useful for labeling objects in
network diagrams without making them look klunky or having to insert
spaces manually. This could even be a general attribute available to any

Definitely not stuff for bug-fix-only. And an interesting reading of my disclaimer ;) Having - and handling - an extra attribute for every object just to ensure text in some distance does not look like the right approach to me. But having a margin property with the Text object could work and even address an old request:

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