Upcoming Dia 0.97.3 bug-fix-only

Some more fixes from master just got cherry-picked to the dia-0-97 branch.
Before I do another bug fix only release from that branch I would like to get some feedback from you. The list of fixed bugs is relatively short
but e.g. the notorious Pango kerning problem is included.

So if you are building Dia from source now would be a good time to pull the branch dia-0-97. Please try to break it ;) Before reporting known issue to bugzilla, please check if master does not already contain a fix. IMO some fixes from
simply don't qualify for cherry-picking. But it might be that I have overlooked a fix, which is especially annoying for you.

If you are not building Dia from source, please hesitate to drop in with your favorite feature request you want someone else to develop for you.


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Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to
get along without it.                -- Dilbert

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