Re: Upcoming Dia 0.97.3 bug-fix-only

On 03/08/2014 03:04 PM, Hans Breuer wrote:
Some more fixes from master just got cherry-picked to the dia-0-97 branch.
Before I do another bug fix only release from that branch I would like to get some feedback from you. The list of fixed bugs is relatively short
but e.g. the notorious Pango kerning problem is included.
667500 - that windows only, you should modify the bug report.
711418 - this one is fine, but XML is not listed in the supported document formats, I had to pick "All files"
710818 - this one wasn't fixed on my machine
error code:
    dia: cairo-arc.c:189: _cairo_arc_in_direction: Assertion `angle_max >= angle_min' failed.
cairo  version -> 1.12.16-1
721851 - not fixed.

These are the bugs that I could test. The rest are Windows/Mac related, and I haven't used for several years such machine.

Have a nice day,

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