Re: Inability to create custom sheets and objects

JIm,  "Completely useless' that is harsh.  It sounds like you are done with Dia, yet you have never engaged the community for help.  This list is by far the best way to get help, but you have to be sort of nice to get the most use from it.

Creating custom shapes and sheets of shapes is widely done.   So, I have to guess you are not a persistent sort of guy.

If you have some more specific questions, and maybe even provide examples - help will be forthcoming.  Try to be polite, you are more or less a supplicant where open source software is concerned - or a worker bee.  Sort of binary like like that.

This is open source software - meaning it is dependent on dissatisfied people like yourself to improve things like the Help system.  It is entirely voluntary.   Ragging on volunteers is really bad form.

Partly the Help is in the state it is, because the people using Dia don't need it too much.  It is what you get for free I guess.  Paraphrasing your quotation: Everything changes, mostly things don't change for the better without effort...  The effort applied to Dia tends to be toward larger issues.  If you are motivated, go for it - make the help better.

It is worth noting that Dia is not circuit design software.  Its strengths lie elsewhere.  It is useful and effective  for simple electrical diagrams because I use it that way myself, and am happy not to deal with Visio or the ever on the ball Microsoft Corporation.  How is it going for you asking them for help?


On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 6:28 PM, Jim <jwb45 hotmail com> wrote:
One of the powerful attributes of VISIO is the ability to create custom objects. Your assumption is that the set you provide
is all inclusive, based on the fact that there is no reasonable way to create custom objects, thus making Dia completely useless.
I make circuit diagrams and the included object are a poor selection. Perhaps with clear precise instructions I would have been able to determine how to create custom objects.

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