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I’m working with DIA since a couple of days and it’s great. However I have 2 questions:

Is it possible to make a personnal library of .png?

You mean for inserting as pictures?  Of course you can curate whatever you like - so I am probably misunderstanding the question.

Second is to know if I can easily make different arrows as those provide in the app.

I have often wondered this myself, I hope the answer is yes, and that instructions follow. 


1. The png library should be really helpful instead of charging each time a picture from a dedicated file. So I can have for a brand of product I want to connect a dedicated library.

OK, that IS what you want.  You can just use your OS file system for this.   

I did not know this was possible, but I just dragged a .jpg, ,svg, .png, and .bmp into Dia  from a windows file folder onto a Dia canvas and they all worked.  You have to ungroup the .svg to edit the entities therein.


2. Because we are using a lot of different connectors in my company I would like to draw it. Not extraordinary and accurate file, but instead of a round or an arrow, I would like 2 round or an arrow with 4 legs… 


Thanks for your answer.


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