RE: All-in-one window option (--integrated)

I use a batch file. Although I haven't tried it, investigate using the 'START' command in it to start dia. The /B option may do what you want (ie, not create command window). If not, have a look at other START arguments. No promises!

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Hi Andrey and Michael,

thanks for your answer.
Seems to be some misunderstandings, so I will precise my problem :

I have tried to put --integrated after diaw.exe in the the file association table, but it reply me that there is no such file.

I know how to make a shortcut and how to add the --integrated option (I have done it, call it 'dia_integrated.exe' in bin of Dia).
So if I have double-clicked on the shortcut, it opens Dia in integrated mode,
     if I drag and drop the dia file on the shortcut, it open the file in integrated mode
     if I associate this shortcut to .dia files (right clic + 'open with', or configuration panel + programs + associate a file), .dia files are open without integrated mode (it seems that dia_integrated is replaced by diaw.exe in the association table, so without the --integrated option).

I always use the third condition to open files, so I want to be ok with the third solution.

So I have done a .bat file which name is 'dia_integrated.bat' in bin of Dia.
There's only one line in this batch : "D:\Programs\Dia\bin\dia.exe" --integrated %1

I have make association of .dia files to this bat

Now it works, when I double-clicked on a dia file, it is opened in dia with integrated mode, but the parent terminal is still open. If by mistake, I close this terminal, Dia is immediately closed (no question) and all changes doing in Dia will be lost.
My need is exactly the same, but without the terminal window (without the risk of lost my works).

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