Re: [ANN] Dia Python plugin for Postgres

At 16.10.2013 13:18, Chris Daley wrote:
Greetings fellow Diaistas,

I had a need for designing database diagrams in Dia and importing/exporting
them to Postgres. I tried some of the existing solutions and was never
quite satisfied with them so in the end I wrote my own.

It's pretty freshly baked, I only finished the first cut of it last night
and I'm no Python expert but here it is in all its glory:

Looks interesting and IMHO implementing this as a Dia plug-in is the right way to go.

A few points to make before I get around to documenting it properly:

What it does:

- it will import a database from a Postgres server and create a UML diagram
which is, for the most part, based on the tedia2sql format -
There is a sample Dia file included which was generated by the plugin.

- it will export a UML diagram based on the above specification to a
Postgres compatible SQL file.

Could you eloborate a bit more why you choose UML to represent the database tables? Since Dia 0.97 there are dedicated database objects by

Is there some issue with the set of databse objects, which made you avoid them in your plug-in?


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