Re: [ANN] Dia Python plugin for Postgres

Le 16/10/2013 13:18, Chris Daley a écrit :
Greetings fellow Diaistas,

I had a need for designing database diagrams in Dia and
importing/exporting them to Postgres. I tried some of the existing
solutions and was never quite satisfied with them so in the end I
wrote my own.

It's pretty freshly baked, I only finished the first cut of it last
night and I'm no Python expert but here it is in all its glory:

A few points to make before I get around to documenting it properly:

Great. I didn't let a try but any piece of Free Software is great :)

What I learned while making public a piece of code at Savannah you'll
not find at Github is: to empower it as Free Software you need 2 pieces
of non-code -- especially for a GPL/LGPL one, README and COPYING.

Definitely not a rant, but it is a matter of visibilty (I had to red the
top of your source code to see it is GPLv2 /src/plugins/
(strong GPLv2, not Lesser GPL)),

and allows to remain you to type that notice (or any compliant) in any
file of your project, what is not done in your shell script
-- un-copylefted.

In Fact, following that simple rule will allow you to not to geopardise
your effort ;)

Best Regards,

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