Re: OT: The list posting issues

How is it you are able to achieve the success of sending the post to which I am replying?

I don't think the version of Mailman running this list is anything new.  Its function is to distribute mail to all the members that comes from a valid email address.  That appears to work from my point of view - my postings and replies seem to be received by the other members.  

The other thing that Mailman does is react to bounces that come back as a result of the normal distribution of messages.   This too is necessary and simple - if one of us discontinues an email address the mail to that address becomes undeliverable.  After some number of bounces that email address must be unsubscribed.  There is really no way to avoid this.  Too many bounces = unsubscription.  No one associated with the list is at fault for this.

One of the things that goes wrong is that our email addresses are harvested from contact lists and spambots distribute spam to those contact addresses using our valid addresses  - spoofing, it is called.  In that way the list receives spam and the moderators have to ban those senders.  Sometimes they are real members that have had their address used for spoofing.

The other thing is spam will get sent out spoofing the list email address.  This is particularly annoying because if you mark it as spam yourself then you also do not receive true list emails henceforth.

I have run Mailman lists in the past and there was no blacklisting service used.  That is not how mailman works, AFAIK.  I do not know why you feel like there is some mechanism to remove people from the list other than for the reasons I have described, which are unfortunate and unavoidable.

I would be interested to learn in what ways my understanding of Mailman is incorrect.

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 8:05 PM, Andrey Repin <anrdaemon freemail ru> wrote:
Greetings, Michael Ross!

> I think as Don noticed, sending messages to the list from the wrong address
> causes trouble.  I am not aware of any problems when I send messages from
> the correct address - ever.

I always send mail from correct address. (It's just hardcoded into template
for the list.)
And it's list that bouncing my mails accusing me (rather, my mail provider)
for spamming.
I've tried to contact my provider for more info, but they said it's not
possible to make any sense of the information given by the bounce report, or
present on the site maintaining the blacklist. Checked it myself, thoroughly
read the policy, and indeed, they just don't store any relevant info, telling
instead "oh, just look in your own logs".

> That adventure can only be solved by clearly stating the difficulty to the
> list managers and helping them sort it out.

If it wasn't apparent on previous reports, here it is: The blacklisting
service chosen for this list is only good at reducing the list members count,
not really helping to resolve the troubles, when something go wrong.

Andrey Repin (anrdaemon freemail ru) 23.02.2012, <04:57>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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