Re: A rip-off


DÅa Wed, 11 Apr 2012 19:27:08 -0400 "Fred Teeboom" <fredtee comcast net>

The concussion must have improved your English!

please, tell us, how many language you are know? Of course, besides your
native language...

Please, what is the "rip-of", my dictionary has not this term. Please,
write this in Slovak for me! And, of course, in perfect Slovak...

I am curios, where do you come from? Where it is growing so much wisdom,

But, why i am irritated from man, which is able pay for free software and
don't know that free software is not freeware? From man, which don't know,
that freeware doctor exists and they helps in Africa, for example.
Oh, yes, they are not freeware doctors, they are doctors, which helps
without paying from patients... They heal, because they love your job and
because they want to help... They are free doctors :-D

I know, my English is horrible. If this is problem for you, don't read my
mail, please!


s pozdravom


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