Re: This software is a rip-off; request a full refund

Dear Fred,

You are getting some answers that dance around your problem.  I will try to make this very clear.

The people who create and maintain Dia and the participants in this email list, had nothing to do with charging you money for it.

It was a mistake on your part to pay for it.  You could have downloaded it at no cost at all.  We are sorry that has happened to the extent that if gives Dia a bad reputation.  There is not  much we can do about it.

Someone not associated with Dia, as far as we know, sold to you on eBay something that you could have gotten on your own at no cost.  No one here has your money, no one here even wanted you to send money, if you weren't already happy with the software.

If you need to make diagrams with you computer, Dia is actually quite useful.  I have myself been happily using it for perhaps 10 years.  If you haven't had too bad a taste put in your mouth, you might let go the fact that you were duped and try to use the software.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Please don't bother to refer to Visio here.  Dia is not Visio.  No one here particularly wants to hear about Visio.  

We do want to hear how your use of Dia is going, and we are willing to help you learn it.  If you have ideas about how to enhance Dia that is good, let us know.  If a case can be made to do that work before other planned work, then it may be done.  You can also bring your expertise at electrical engineering and minor computer science to bear on improving Dia, if you are so inclined.  A joy you will not experience with Visio.  You are certainly welcome to revise and improve the help files.  The help files only improve according to the willingness of people who disapprove of them to help make them better.

Best regards,


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