Dia-0.97.1 - bug-fix release

Get it at http://download.gnome.org/sources/dia/0.97/

About nine month after Dia 0.97 we felt the need for a bug-fix only release. Notable issues resolved:

570592 Cannot open or save files or paths with localized characters
581380 Consumes more and more memory over time
583533 Selection Inverse, Remove, Union... (all broken)
583675 Crash with help menu entries
585973 Crash upon canseling(closing) object editing
587967 Export and Printing shows none-existing lines
587218 Dia entering an endless loop with cairo print/display
       rendering/png export
599587 Shape export icon creation fails without libart renderer
603004 Exporting a document to png without --size crashes dia

for details and complete list

There also is
        573261  PDF: Letters above each other
but given that Dia-0.97.1 does not enforce Pango-1.26.1 yet,
the report is left open.

Happy Diagramming,

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