How to disable the Cairo plug-in? (Was: Fatal print bug in Dia 0.97 for windows that causes data loss)

On Sun, 28 Jun 2009, Hans Breuer wrote:

 Here are the two files. You should be able to print bugg07_works.dia,
 whereas bugg07.dia should cause Da to freeze/hang/stop responding.

It definitely should not, but indeed it does ;( From my current analysis this is a bug in cairo:

Yeah, it can be reproduced with every renderer using cairo, also the antialiased display renderer. Thus my mentioning of *completely* disabling the cairo plug-in as a temporary measure.

Hi Hans,

Thanks for looking into this. I'll be happy to try to disable the Cairo plug-in in ordet to be able to print. Unfortunately I don't know how, could someone give me a hint?

 Since this bug causes a data loss in terms of losing what you haven't
 saved, I wonder if there's an 'auto-save' that could be enabled.

It is enabled by default, look for a file <original file path>.autosave

Should Dia notice this file automatically and ask me if I want to recover that instead? (I don't think this happened for me while troubleshooting this bug).


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