Re: Fatal print bug in Dia 0.97 for windows that causes data loss

On Thu, 25 Jun 2009, Hans Breuer wrote:

At 25.06.2009 16:38, Christian Ridderström wrote:
 In order to troubleshoot, I've reduced the diagram a lot and I currently
 have two versions:

     bugg07.dia        - freezes when I try to print
Is freeze and crash the same thing for you? (I've seen single rendering of diagrams take minutes, but not for the cairo backend. See for the messy details.)

We're talking about a really long time here (many minutes), whereas the diagram printed quickly before. In the reduced version that works, it's quite quick to print, whereas the buggy version doesn't do anything for at least five minutes.

I guess I mean that the freeze is really a crash, as the Dia window stops updating and becomes completely unresponsive. Looks like the software is in a loop waiting for somehing.

>>      bugg07_works.dia    - print works [*]

 The difference between bugg07.dia and bugg07_works.dia is that I've
 removed a single line.

 So, is there a developer to whom I could send these files so he can take a

Yes, me ;)

Ok, I'll do that tomorrow so you can see if you can replicate.


 [*] I do get my printout, although the graphical objects are placed at
 the very left on the paper even though they are quite a bit to the
 right on screen.

Probably I need to see this to understand.

On dia screen (symbolically):           On (working) printout:

.--------------.                        .---------------.
|              |                        |               |
|         afas |                        | afas          |
'--------------'                        '---------------'

 PS. When I say 'print', I mean export to PDF, but I have verified that
 I get the same crash in Dia when sending directly to a printer.

Both share most of the code (gtkprint and cairo) as well as Dia's cairo renderer. If you need to urgently print the diagram, you could try the old print implementation, which will get used if you disable the cairo plug-in for the next startup.

It's not urgent (I hope:-).

Btw, is it possilble to open (most) diagrams created with 0.97 in the older version of Dia?


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