Re: Fatal print bug in Dia 0.97 for windows that causes data loss

At 26.06.2009 00:19, Christian Ridderström wrote:
On Thu, 25 Jun 2009, Hans Breuer wrote:

At 25.06.2009 16:38, Christian Ridderström wrote:
In order to troubleshoot, I've reduced the diagram a lot and I currently
 have two versions:

     bugg07.dia        - freezes when I try to print
Is freeze and crash the same thing for you? (I've seen single rendering of diagrams take minutes, but not for the cairo backend. See for the messy details.)

We're talking about a really long time here (many minutes), whereas the diagram printed quickly before.
After looking into this with you example that time is even infinite ;(

>>> [...]
So, is there a developer to whom I could send these files so he can take a

Yes, me ;)

Ok, I'll do that tomorrow so you can see if you can replicate.

At 26.06.2009 10:26, Christian Ridderström wrote:
> Hi Hans,
> Here are the two files. You should be able to print bugg07_works.dia,
> whereas bugg07.dia should cause Da to freeze/hang/stop responding.
It definitely should not, but indeed it does ;( From my current analysis this is a bug in cairo:

> Btw, I just tested and instead of printing you can just as well test
> the cases by doing an Export. I exported to PNG, which demonstrates
> the problem. It's still frozen even after composing this email and
> uploading the attachments.
Yeah, it can be reproduced with every renderer using cairo, also the antialiased display renderer. Thus my mentioning of *completely* disabling the cairo plug-in as a temporary measure.

> Since this bug causes a data loss in terms of losing what you haven't
> saved, I wonder if there's an 'auto-save' that could be enabled.
It is enabled by default, look for a file <original file path>.autosave


Btw, is it possilble to open (most) diagrams created with 0.97 in the older version of Dia?

Yes, but that can create subtle data loss, because Dia versions are silently throwing away stuff they don't understand. One issue from the top of my head is the incompatible change of "UML - Association".


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